RDrive XLiner - Marine Dual Purpose Batteries

Ultra Heavy Duty Carbon AGM Batteries

Ultra Heavy Duty Carbon AGM version of RDrive XLiner batteries provides long service life for both applications: starting engines and powering trolling motors on large boats, ships and yachts.

RDrive XLiner batteries are designed according to the technical specifications of European and American water vessels.

All RDrive XLiner batteries have passed a full set of quality tests ensuring the product compliance with the declared specifications. The manufacturer's quality management system is certified to the international quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949.


Model Range:

Model Capacity (20h), Ah Reserve Capacity (25A), min CCA (-18oC / 0oF), A
Case Type
Terminal Layout
Terminal Type
Weight, kg / lbs
EUA-140070A 140 247 700 DIN A Type 3 1 41.2 / 90.9
EUA-180090B 180 380 900 DIN B Type 3 5  50.5 / 111.4
USA-2000954D (DT) 200 445 950 BCI 4D
Type 4 12 55.1 / 121.5
EUA-240100C  240  525  1000  DIN C  Type 3  5 71 / 156.6
USA-3301208D-4  330  745  1200  BCI 8D  Type 4  5  87.5 / 192.9
 USA-3301208D-3  330  745  1200  BCI 8D  Type 3  5  87.5 / 192.9

Key Benefits:

  • Service life is 4 times longer*
  • Improved charge acceptance rate by 50%*
  • High vibration resistance
  • Wide applicable temperature range (from -20oC /-4oF to 55oC / 131oF)
  • Low self-discharge rate (less than 3% per month)
  • Impact-resistant case design
  • No need to add water during operation

*Compared to conventional batteries

Technologies Applied:

CARBON - a special carbon additive to the active mass of electrodes, which significantly increases the charge acceptance ability and service life of the battery.
AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) — a high strength, high porosity and high resilience AGM separator. The separator porosity is as high as 90% or more, which improves the acid absorption of the separator and improves the battery capacity and starting ability. The resilience ensures the assembly pressure during the battery life, avoids the lead paste falling and improves the battery life.
FULL FRAME – a technology of grid production using lead-calcium alloys. The grid frame eliminates the formation of sharp edges on the sides, which prevents early battery failure.
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XLiner - Marine Dual Purpose Batteries (Carbon AGM)

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